Green Energy Or Battery Recon In 2018?

Green energy is gaining in popularity and usage. Green energy is cost-effective and helps to protect our natural resources. It’s a great way to save money when the economy is weak. Another great money saver is to recondition batteries – which means that you’re getting more life from your existing cells. Learn how to easily begin converting to green energy and reuse of batteries by reading this article.

If you are charging products within your home, use smart green ideas to conserve energy by unplugging these devices when you are done. Even when they are fully charged, these units still consume energy and cost you money. So unplug them when they are finished, and save some energy and money. Reconditioning dead batteries restores their ability to complete a full and reliable charging cycle, allowing a much longer total lifespan for your rechargeable, and in some cases, single use batteries too.

Solar Energy & Secret Recon Techniques

When you are installing a solar energy system, you want to be sure the batteries you will be using to store the solar power are situated as close to the solar cells as possible. Power is less likely to be lost in cables this way. It will also minimize the possibility of a cable shading out the cells and lowering their generation capability. Of course, pairing the storage of energy with solar cells with secret reconditioning techniques multiplies the potential or solar energy and wind power harvested from your home technology.

If you are seeking to save energy, try not to drive too fast. When a person drives fast, they use too much gasoline, which in turn, wastes energy. Furthermore, when you drive fast and waste too much gasoline, you are going to end up spending way too much money on gas. As vehicles transition to hybrid and then electric power rather than solely running on gas, both techniques will become more important for transportation.

Get an energy audit of your home. Having your home inspected by a professional is the best way to find out how you could adopt alternative sources of energy. In some cases, the sun or wind exposure is simply not high enough to justify investing in alternative sources of power. However, being able to lengthen the life of your energy storage may well tip the balance over single use cells.

Backup Battery Reconditioning

Always have a backup power source for a wind generation system. Your system needs to be able to account for low-wind days. This backup could be another type of renewable source, such as a battery system powered by solar, or a diesel generator. Another option is to have the home plugged into the utility power grid.

Be Prepared To Change Behavior

Change how you use your electronics to make them more energy efficient and kind to the environment. Batteries on electronics are designed to be used. To keep your battery healthy you have to exercise it by using your electronic not plugged in. It is better for the device and keeping it plugged in after it is fully charged only wastes electricity.

If possible, try to use a laptop computer, rather than a desktop. And, if the battery is full on your laptop, do not have it plugged into the charger. Desktop computers are perhaps one of the biggest energy users in your home, which is why why having a laptop is beneficial.

Use rechargeable batteries instead of regular ones. Batteries are harmful for the environment if not recycled properly: you can reduce the amount of batteries that need recycling by using the same ones for a long time. Invest in a good brand and get a battery charging device to power your children’s toys and other appliances.

The information you’ve just read will not only save you money, but it will also provide benefits to the environment. Green energy is wonderful for money savings, and this article’s tips will help you see how easy it can be to implement these changes.

Chakra Colours For A Different Choice Of Workout Kit

Sometimes it seems that there just isn’t enough of a selection with modern fashion these days. There are some great ways to spice up any of your favorite outfits though, to give you that fashion edge you have been looking for. Whether you’re in the gym, at the mall or heading out for the evening, accessories are the finishing touches to any outfit and selection should be carefully considered as they can make or break your intended image. Sometimes using high contrast colours can be a great added extra to any look.

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Stair Climbing Makes A Great Workout!

There’s lots of ways that people exercise as part of a normal daily life, and it doesn’t necessarily require you to spend a lot of money on expensive equipment like the products recommended on treadmill guides or cross trainer review sites. That’s not to say it would be a bad idea, just that it’s not wholly necessary.

Today we want to talk a little more about home based exercise. It surprises a lot of our members that we’re often recommending getting fit outside of our gyms, as they assume it would be bad for business for us, with people choosing to cancel their memberships and instead get fit at home (or at least intend to!). In reality, the opposite is true. Yes, some people cancel as soon as their minimum membership is up (or even before), that’s a fact of life and they will do that regardless. We’re interested in our motivated members, people who really care about their fitness and are in it for the long run. Hopefully that helps show why our great members come back – they’re with us for our expertise as much as our equipment.

So, at home there’s an often overlooked piece of equipment that rivals our most popular vertical climber, and gives a similar workout to our stair steppers (see the stair stepper reviews for more info about that), and that’s the humble stair case. It’s actually quite an obvious reason that it’s so good for exercise, and that’s that you’re lifting your whole weight up vertically against gravity, so it’s actually more effort than walking or gentle jogging. As always, a varied workout works best, but if you’re just getting started and haven’t got a bike or other fitness machine at home, it’s a great starting point.

Generally speaking, our expert fitness instructors are looking to get you moving quickly, and the main criteria we need to see is a raised heart rate, as it shows that your body is working at burning energy effectively as you exercise. The amount that your heart rate rises will likely to be greater while you’re starting out, and slowly adapt as you get fitter. That’s a great thing, because it means that you’ll naturally feel able to achieve more and more as time goes on, and you turn that downward spiral into an upward one.

What Fitness Machines Do We Use?

Our gym has almost every item of fitness machinery you could possibly think of, and probably a lot more. Here’s a run down of the common ones:


Treadmills are the running machines you often see when you pass one of those gyms next to a main road with big glass fronts showing off people running for their lives but going nowhere. These machines are perfect for anyone that likes to run, but doesn’t want to do it outside passing people they know or getting soaked in the rain.

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are one of the most common home based fitness machines, but many are rarely put to use. Lots of people start out with the best intentions of getting fit while watching the TV, but it soon becomes clear that it’s not so much the Tour de France as the Tour de Under Stairs Cupboard.

Cross Trainers

Cross trainers are very popular, giving a similar workout to the exercise bikes for the legs, but also work with the arms and upper body at the same time. Many people don’t realise that these fitness machines are now very affordable for home exercise, and in fact are one of our favourite recommendations for people who can’t easily make it to the gym.

Rowing Machines

If you fancy training for the boat race, or just want a bit more variety in your workout, the rowing machines are perfect. You don’t need to spend long sliding back and forth to work up a sweat, and that all important heart rate will rise to get a good, intense workout to burn up those calories in no time.

Going back to the point we made about treadmill runners in windows, while we like to be light and airy, we deliberately don’t put all our machines in places so obviously easy for passers by to gawp at you as they go about their daily lives. Yes, we have a few machines of each type in the windows, but its your choice whether to use the prominently viewable ones, or those that are more discreetly positioned!

We’ll add more detail about all of the types of fitness machine that we’ve talked about here in the coming weeks, but for now that’s a good insight into the main components of our member’s workout routines. If you have any questions about how to work them that you’ve forgotten since your induction, please feel free to ask on your next visit.

Joining Us In The Real World

If you’re serious about getting fit, losing weight or bulking up those muscles, you’re going to want to leave our virtual gym and join us in one of our professionally equipped gym locations!

We always welcome new members with open arms, not because we’re a business and it makes us money (well maybe a little bit), but because we have a passion for health and fitness. If you’ve never joined a gym before, don’t worry. We welcome people like you every day, and every new member gets a guided tour of the building, the equipment and a personal introductory session with at least one of our expert members of staff. Don’t be surprised if a few members say hello too, we find our amazing customers are almost as enthusiastic about new members as our team are!

At the moment, we haven’t got a way to join online, but if you pop into your nearest gym, you’ll be able to get the lowdown on how to get started, ask any questions you need answering and book your big welcome party in. Getting signed up usually takes less than ten minutes if you have no health problems, and your introductory session will take a minimum of thirty minutes, but you’re welcome to stay much longer to get the most out of our fitness gurus. Of course, they’ll still be around once you start your regular visits, but during your initial session you’ll have their (almost) undivided attention.

Welcome To Our Virtual Gym

You’ve found your way to our home of fitness here at!

Our clients join us for lots of different reasons, but there’s three motivations that pop up time and time again:

  1. Getting Fit
    It’s no great shock that improving fitness is a common reason that people enlist our services. We’re a nation of couch potatoes, and we love nothing more than spending an evening in front of the TV watching EastEnders or Corrie! The great news is there’s nothing wrong with that, as any good personal trainer knows that an early morning session is great for getting your day underway.
  2. Losing Weight
    These two reasons are often linked, and sometimes people consider them to be the same thing. Losing weight is actually very simple if you really understand how it works. If you burn more calories each day than you consume, you’ll drop those excess pounds, simple! What’s not so simple is the motivation that goes with it, and that’s where we come in. Women in particular tend to tell us they want to lose weight (often because they want to get into that expensive fashion designer’s dress or be ready for their next holiday), whereas men are more likely to think in terms of fitness. Either way, exercise solves both problems!
  3. Building Muscle
  4. It used to be a man cave in weights studios, but there are now far more ladies taking up the challenge to build a little muscle. Admittedly most are worried about overdoing it and start out with a paranoia of inadvertently turning into a bodybuilder, but lifting weights in moderation is a great way to tone muscle and burn calories fast.

On the site, we’ll be talking about what’s going on in the world of HJ, what events are coming up, and also what you can do to help with your general fitness and wellbeing on your own, even if you never set foot in our gyms. We hope you’ll take your fitness seriously, as it can have huge health benefits, both now and in later life!