Chakra Colours For A Different Choice Of Workout Kit

Sometimes it seems that there just isn’t enough of a selection with modern fashion these days. There are some great ways to spice up any of your favorite outfits though, to give you that fashion edge you have been looking for. Whether you’re in the gym, at the mall or heading out for the evening, accessories are the finishing touches to any outfit and selection should be carefully considered as they can make or break your intended image. Sometimes using high contrast colours can be a great added extra to any look.

There are a number of different high contrast colour schemes that are certainly recommended. One of such collection are called chakra colours and have links to ancient eastern cultures. Each colour is supposed to help the health of a specific body part, giving you a great finishing touch and a spiritual edge to an outfit at the same time. One of the safest high contrast colour combinations to go for is the simple understated elegance of the monochrome look. This is a timeless combination of black and white and can be used to finish off most chosen styles.

To add the cherry to the icing you should also think about adding some jewellery and maybe a fascinator to an outfit. As mentioned earlier, Chakra is a good source of a little inspiration. You can actually get crystals for chakra which are adorned as part of necklaces, earrings and bracelets. These are colourful and natural crystals which not only look great, they also have the added bonus that they are beneficial to your health. There are many types of jewellery available though and to only try one type would be doing yourself short of hours of fun of getting that outfit just right.

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