Welcome To Our Virtual Gym

You’ve found your way to our home of fitness here at helmerjoseph.com!

Our clients join us for lots of different reasons, but there’s three motivations that pop up time and time again:

  1. Getting Fit
    It’s no great shock that improving fitness is a common reason that people enlist our services. We’re a nation of couch potatoes, and we love nothing more than spending an evening in front of the TV watching EastEnders or Corrie! The great news is there’s nothing wrong with that, as any good personal trainer knows that an early morning session is great for getting your day underway.
  2. Losing Weight
    These two reasons are often linked, and sometimes people consider them to be the same thing. Losing weight is actually very simple if you really understand how it works. If you burn more calories each day than you consume, you’ll drop those excess pounds, simple! What’s not so simple is the motivation that goes with it, and that’s where we come in. Women in particular tend to tell us they want to lose weight (often because they want to get into that expensive fashion designer’s dress or be ready for their next holiday), whereas men are more likely to think in terms of fitness. Either way, exercise solves both problems!
  3. Building Muscle
  4. It used to be a man cave in weights studios, but there are now far more ladies taking up the challenge to build a little muscle. Admittedly most are worried about overdoing it and start out with a paranoia of inadvertently turning into a bodybuilder, but lifting weights in moderation is a great way to tone muscle and burn calories fast.

On the site, we’ll be talking about what’s going on in the world of HJ, what events are coming up, and also what you can do to help with your general fitness and wellbeing on your own, even if you never set foot in our gyms. We hope you’ll take your fitness seriously, as it can have huge health benefits, both now and in later life!