Joining Us In The Real World

If you’re serious about getting fit, losing weight or bulking up those muscles, you’re going to want to leave our virtual gym and join us in one of our professionally equipped gym locations!

We always welcome new members with open arms, not because we’re a business and it makes us money (well maybe a little bit), but because we have a passion for health and fitness. If you’ve never joined a gym before, don’t worry. We welcome people like you every day, and every new member gets a guided tour of the building, the equipment and a personal introductory session with at least one of our expert members of staff. Don’t be surprised if a few members say hello too, we find our amazing customers are almost as enthusiastic about new members as our team are!

At the moment, we haven’t got a way to join online, but if you pop into your nearest gym, you’ll be able to get the lowdown on how to get started, ask any questions you need answering and book your big welcome party in. Getting signed up usually takes less than ten minutes if you have no health problems, and your introductory session will take a minimum of thirty minutes, but you’re welcome to stay much longer to get the most out of our fitness gurus. Of course, they’ll still be around once you start your regular visits, but during your initial session you’ll have their (almost) undivided attention.