What Fitness Machines Do We Use?

Our gym has almost every item of fitness machinery you could possibly think of, and probably a lot more. Here’s a run down of the common ones:


Treadmills are the running machines you often see when you pass one of those gyms next to a main road with big glass fronts showing off people running for their lives but going nowhere. These machines are perfect for anyone that likes to run, but doesn’t want to do it outside passing people they know or getting soaked in the rain.

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are one of the most common home based fitness machines, but many are rarely put to use. Lots of people start out with the best intentions of getting fit while watching the TV, but it soon becomes clear that it’s not so much the Tour de France as the Tour de Under Stairs Cupboard.

Cross Trainers

Cross trainers are very popular, giving a similar workout to the exercise bikes for the legs, but also work with the arms and upper body at the same time. Many people don’t realise that these fitness machines are now very affordable for home exercise, and in fact are one of our favourite recommendations for people who can’t easily make it to the gym.

Rowing Machines

If you fancy training for the boat race, or just want a bit more variety in your workout, the rowing machines are perfect. You don’t need to spend long sliding back and forth to work up a sweat, and that all important heart rate will rise to get a good, intense workout to burn up those calories in no time.

Going back to the point we made about treadmill runners in windows, while we like to be light and airy, we deliberately don’t put all our machines in places so obviously easy for passers by to gawp at you as they go about their daily lives. Yes, we have a few machines of each type in the windows, but its your choice whether to use the prominently viewable ones, or those that are more discreetly positioned!

We’ll add more detail about all of the types of fitness machine that we’ve talked about here in the coming weeks, but for now that’s a good insight into the main components of our member’s workout routines. If you have any questions about how to work them that you’ve forgotten since your induction, please feel free to ask on your next visit.